Kuhn Rm Field Shredders

Well shredded crop residues are a friend for your soil, fighting parasites and rapidly degrading organic matter. This is why KUHN offers the RM shredders intended for intensive work.

These machines are designed intensive work; their mechanics are sturdy with exceptional technological features.

This provides: Fine shredding and good spreading of the residues for a job well done, a field leader and easy transport with the folding models.

The RM shredder with horizontal axis is adapted for shredding crop residues such as cereal straw,

Sunflower or corn stalks, but also for the reclamation of « nitrogen trap » pastures and the upkeep of meadows.

The agronomic purpose of shredding

Shredding also means even distribution of crop residues or crop cover. This increase in contact surface between the organic matter and the scavenging micro-organisms allows speeding up the decomposition and thus:

  1. Fighting parasitism

Crop residues, especially grain corn leaf stalks, host pests such as pyale caterpillars, fusariose and helminthosporiose. Their development has harmful consequences on crops. A fi ne shredding followed by ploughing in using a soil preparation tool limits the health risk by destroying the support essential to parasitic development.

  1. Returning the nitrogen

During decomposition of the shredded residues, the scavenging micro-organisms consume mineral nitrogen for their growth. When they die, they return the nitrogen under the form of nitrates which can be absorbed by the crop.

  1. Maintain the soil structure

The shredding and incorporation of crop residues at shallow depth participate in maintaining the soil structure limit erosion and improve humid fertilization which is important notions in minimum tillage methods.



Technical specifications

MODELSRM 240RM 280RM 320RM 400RM 450
Working width (m/ft)2.36/7’9”2.80/9’2”3.23/10’7”4.01/13’2”4.52/14’10’’
Transport width (m/ft)2.55/8’4”3.00/9’10”3.48/11’5’’4.35/14’3”4.93/16’2’’
Rotor speed (min-1)
P.T.O. = 540
P.T.O. = 1000
Minimum power requirement
kW (hp)
45 (61)52 (71)60 (82)84 (114)95 (130)
Maximum authorized power kW
60 (82)93 (126)103 (140)152 (207)152 (207)
Rotor drive (SPBX belts)443+34 + 45 + 5
External rotor diameter (mm/ft)647647647703730
Rotor diameter (mm) x thickness
219 x 8219 x 10219 x 10273 x 10298.5 x 10
Number of hammer knives2832364452
Number of wheels22244