Pichon slurry spreader tankers

PICHON offers a wide range of slurry tankers with capacities varying from 2,600L to 30,000L, built for professional use. Recessed tankers are offered to enable users to fit axles with big diameter wheels. The total volume of the tanker is preserved: the loss of volume created by the recess is always compensated either by the length or the diameter of the tankers.


Consistently seeking longevity, PICHON uses an industrial technology to the agricultural world: the integrated frame. The control of all the stages, from the design to the assembly, is a guarantee of quality and reliability


By its choices of engineering, PICHON reduces the weight of their tankers. The design of the integrated frame is much lighter than a bolted frame and gives a lower center of gravity. The concept of tankers TCI (Tanker with Chassis Integrated) is an unequalled proof of stability on the market, and thus makes the working conditions safer on the field and on the road.


For 45 years PICHON have analyzed, advised and suggested the ideal solution as each customer’s needs requires a personalized answer.