Kuhn Reversible Mouldboard Ploughs

One piece headstock- high strength linkages between frames and headstock-reinforced beams- sheath mounted skimmers adjustable in three dimensions- complete range of plough bodies- 14 to 16 inches working widths- a range of depth wheels (sizes, steel or rubber, position) – simplified offsetting with pre-set positions for different tyre spacing- instant angling adjustment by turn handle- traction T-bolt safety or Non-stop hydraulic safety- long life wearing parts- and many additional options.




Technical specifications

Number of bodies 2 to 12
Maximum authorised tractor power (KW) 40 to 312
Minimum authorised tractor power (KW) 60 to 420
Safety Non-stop hydraulic
Ploughing width (inches) 14 to 26
Ploughing width (cm) 28 to 56
Under beam clearance (cm) 70 to 90
Point-to-point clearance (cm) 90 to 105
Beam section (mm) 100 to 220
Type of bodies classic, diamond or plastic bodies