Deep Tine-Disc Cultivator- Kuhn Perfomer

High performance in one passage only

Working windows are very short and you would like to prepare your soil deep-down in just one passage after harvest.
Use the PERFORMER with all of its tools. The front discs cut straw and roots, the tines provide an in-depth mix, incorporating the residue into the soil. «Concept ONE-PASS».

You want tools that adapt to the type of tillage sought: surface stubble ploughing, deep ploughing, soil loosening, and one-pass?
The PERFORMER is highly versatile. Each tool gang can be used independently: Discs only, like the Optimer+ or tines only, like the Cultimer L. Wear parts can also be added to tines, so you can go from shallow work with fins, to loosening work with a straight tip.

You would like to increase productivity while reducing labour and mechanization costs.
ONE-PASS tillage provides these savings.

It is essential for you to be able to make adjustments to your tool with speed and simplicity.
All of the settings are hydraulic, and controlled from the tractor cab. A 4-function selector in the cab allows you to centralize all of the hydraulic functions.

4 actions in one passage for an optimum operation:
-2 rows of discs for an efficient cut: The discs are 510 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick, with a small-notch profile.
These assets ensure perfect residue cutting across the entire width of the machine.

-4 rows of tines for mixing or deep loosening: The tines are in 4 rows to ensure good residue flow between them. They are held in the ground by a spring safety system which ensures a pressure of 600 to 800 kg. They can be equipped with diverse wear parts such as 50 or 80 mm tips, fins, and carbide parts.

-1 row of leveling discs mounted on a safety system: Being continuously adjustable, they are able to adapt rapidly to soil changes to give perfect leveling results.

-HD-Liner 700 roller: It provides exceptional 3D tamping with its V-shape and weight of 225kg/m. It has a diameter of 700 mm and a notched profile which enhance its rotational performance, even in heavy soil where other rollers have their limits



Technical Specifications 

Models 30004000500060007000
Min. power, shallow work (KW/HP)130/180177/240220/300263/300306/420
Max. power (KW/HP)250/300293/400367/500440/600513/700
Working width (m)2.953.85567
Transport width(m)33333
Recommended speed(km/hr)8 to 108 to 108 to 108 to 108 to 10
Max. working depth(cm)Disc; 10/ tines ;35Disc; 10/ tines ;35Disc; 10/ tines ;35Disc; 10/ tines ;35Disc; 10/ tines ;35
No. of opening disc2230384654
No. of tines1014182226
Type of tineNSH, 900NSH, 900NSH, 900NSH, 900NSH, 900
No. of leveling discs810121418