KUHN GEO – GEO M Mounted and trailed mist sprayers

The KUHN sprayer range is being extended with the development of GEO and GEO M mounted and trailed machines especially for the field of arboriculture. These machines are characterised by:

  • 300 – 2000 litre polyethylene tanks, also incorporating rinsing and hand wash tanks.
  • A wide choice of turbine: 550, 750, 850 and 900 mm.
  • Top-of-the-range equipment for the largest turbines with air guiding vanes and flexible drive protection.
  •  A 900 mm turbine with single or double air outlet to increase capacity still further

GEO and GEO M mounted sprayers are compact and designed for small and medium-sized orchards with low trees. Like the trailed models, they are fitted with a full range of equipment and a 550, 750 or 900 mm turbine.

GEO and GEO M sprayers are equipped with piston-diaphragm pumps with a flow rate of 51, 71 or 89 litres per minute and a pressure of 0 to 40 bars. Pumps that is simple, yet strong.




Technical specifications

ModelsMounted: GEO MMounted: GEOTrailed: GEO MTrailed: GEO
Frame materialGalvanised steelGalvanised steelGalvanised steelGalvanised steel
Main tank Capacity (L)300400/6001000/1500/20001000/1500/2000
Hand-wash tank capacity (L)15151515
Rinsing tank capacity (L)4545 (400) / 66 (600)102 (1000) / 125 (1500-2000)102 (1000) / 125 (1500-2000)
Max. output (L/min)50.771.389/115115
Pump typepiston diaphragmpiston diaphragmpiston diaphragmpiston diaphragm
Turbine diameter (mm)550750800950
Distribution boomstainless steel,
8 and 12 double jets
stainless steel,
8 and 12 double jets
stainless steel,
8 and 12 double jets
stainless steel,
8 and 12 double jets