Chisel plough

Multipurpose tine stubble cultivator, the plough stubble mix and stamp in a single passage- high quality work is achieved through the combinations of tines equipped with deflectors, disc and tube roller or T / ring possibility of shallow stubble ploughing with wings for post-harvest stubble ploughing or deep with point and deflector for deep soil restructuring before seeding- Large under beam clearance; for working on land with large quantities of plant residues- Tine safety with double spring for good penetration and less slippage.



Technical specifications

Working width (m): 3 to 8
Transport width (m): 3 to 3.5
Number of tines: 10 to 25
Number of rows: 3
Distance between rows (cm): 70
Weight (kg): 1690 to 7277
Under beam height (cm): 84
Maximum authorised tractor power (KW): 121 to 324
Maximum authorised tractor power (HP): 65 to 440