Kuhn Bav Rotary Toppers

Available in 1.20 m, 1.50 m and 1.72 m widths, rotary toppers are designed for and suited to various types of job.

The cutting quality will be appreciated by farmers on pasture topping and by landscape professionals for all work on green spaces. You will be delighted with the shredding quality of the rotary toppers on treating plant residues up to 25 mm on models BAV 1245 and 1545 and up to 30 mm on model BAV 1875.


Cutting speed and quality: 85 m per second!

 For an even cut, the ventilated blades with their self-sharpening chamfer lift up plants that have been flattened to the ground. The BAV 1245 and 1545 models have two retractable blades _. On the BAV 1875, four blades are fitted to ensure quality work. With its floating hitch, the rotary topper can absorb longitudinal variations in the ground level to maintain a constant mowing height. The housing has a trapezoidal shape _ with splayed sides to ensure good ventilation and optimum shredding discharge. The machine’s geometry also makes it easier to manoeuvre around obstacles.



Technical specifications

MODELSBAV 1245BAV 1545BAV 1875
Working width1.20 m1.50m1.72m
Gearbox power33 kW (45 DIN-hp)33 kW (45 DIN-hp)55 kW (75 DIN-hp)
Cutting height25 to 150 mm25 to 150 mm20 to 145 mm
HousingTrapezoidal shape with splayed sideTrapezoidal shape with splayed sideTrapezoidal shape with splayed side
Ventilating blades with self-sharpening chamfered edge224
Unladen weight215 Kg260 Kg516 Kg
Overall width1.35 m1.65 m1.94 m
Overall length1.71 m2.02 m2.68 m
Hitch categoryCat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 2