Precision Seed Drills- Planter 3

More than a precision seed drill, the PLANTER 3 is the fruit of careful research which gives it exceptional modularity on all sites using precision seeding.

With the seed drop point very low, the seeds reach the ground at regular intervals and depth, no matter what crop is being sown.

The PLANTER 3 was designed for seed by seed distribution with accurate and uniform spacing along the row. The seed drill distribution is suitable for plants with inter-row spacing of more than 25cm, such as onions, rape, peas, sunflower, soy, maize etc.

The distance between rows is easily changed to seed two different crops requiring different inter-row spacing. With its many optional equipment, the PLANTER 3 will be a seed drill which meets all your conditions.



Technical specifications

Frame/transport width (m)2.5 to 9.0
Number of rows3 to 18
Minimum/maximum spacing (cm)25/80 to 45/80
Number of wheels 2
Number of gearboxes1
Fertilizer hopper capacities (L)2×190 L
2×260 L
1×950 L
1×1350 L
Seed hopper capacities (L)25 to 47