Universal Seed drill (wheat planter)

Universal seed drill is transmission type modern seed drill which may plant all cereal seeds in a precise manner. It plants large and medium seeds such as corn, soy beans, pea, and chickpea, lentil, rape, wheat, barley, oat and rye and small seeds such as canola, clover,  kochia, onion, carrot, tomato, spinach etc. Thanks to the transmission gear on the machine, it is even capable of setting the smaller seed spacing.



Technical specifications

Number of coulters 18-32
Distance between rows (mm) 125
Working width (mm) 2250 to 4000
Seed tank volume (L) 300 to 530
Fertilizer tank volume (L) 280 to 500
Operating speed (km/hr) 5 to 7
Required power (KW) between 37 and 90
Required power (HP) between 50 and 110