Milkline Mobile Milking Trolleys

With MILKLINE mobile milking trolleys your work will be easier and faster. They will enable you to milk 32 cows, collecting the milk into transparent and graduated 30litres buckets, which allow you to check the production of every single cow. The machines are available also with 25 litres stainless steel buckets.

The Milkline Basic cow’s mobile milking trolleys enable to produce high quality milk with maximum hygiene, assuring a stress reduction in your herd. It is possible to carry out very easily a daily washing of the components, which are in contact with the milk. The vacuum pump with graphite vanes does not need lubrication, avoiding in this way working environmental pollution. All the components are of high quality and are produced with the approval of Health Responsible Organism.

The sturdiness of frame and vacuum tank (both hot galvanized) guarantees a long life of your investment



Technical specifications

MODELSMini 1EMini 2E
Number of milking bucket12
Max number of cows1632
Number of cows/hour (theoretical)816
Vol. of milking buckets (litres) PL30-S/S2530x1/25x130x2/25x2
Pneumatic adjustable pulsator1 ML120 alternated1 ML120 alternated
Recommended vacuum level (Kpa)4545
Electric motorSingle phaseSingle phase
Power (Kw)0,550,55
Vacuum pump capacity (l/min./50kPa)180180
Vacuum tank capability (litres)1414
Weight (Kg)5065
Lenght (mm)12001200
Width (mm)600780
Height (mm)820900