Milkline Hpu Vacuum Unit Pumps

MILKLINE HPU vane vacuum units have v-belt transmission and squared pumps to optimise heat dispersion. The three way capillary oiler ensures precise oil dosing and no waste.



Technical specifications

Product category/Pump typeBelt driven and oil-lubricated vane vacuum pump
Airflow capacity [at 50kPa]From 330 to 3,000 l/min
Motor powerFrom 0.75 to 7.5 kW
RpmFrom 970 to 1,500
Available configurationsOn plate, with or without vacuum tank
Pulsation type pneumatic, alternate type
Milking buckets plastic; 30 litres, graduated and transparent or
Stainless steel; 25 litres
No. of cows milked at a time6
Optional:• Hot-dip galvanized vacuum tank - from 22 to 100l
• Cyclone oil recirculation system
• Gear reduction unit