Kuhn GA Single Rotor Rakes

As the pioneer of rotary rakes with guided tine arms, KUHN rotary rakes have always been considered one of the premier rotary rakes available on the market. The 3-point mounted GA 300 and 3201 GM and trailed GA 3200 GT are no exception. With this machine, you can obtain superior raking performance, while keeping the leaves of your crop intact and allowing you to harvest at peak nutritional value.

The KUHN range of rakes contains machines to suit every need: from single-rotor versions to central or side twin-rotor versions and four-rotor versions. KUHN rakes are particularly suited to harvesting forage with a high nutritional content. KUHN pays great attention to factors like following ground contours, and picking up the whole crop without any contaminants. The specially shaped rotor arms ensure high work output, perfectly structured rows and total reliability. The MASTERDRIVE double reduction system guarantees a long working life with problem-free transmission that can handle even the thickest of green crops. The hydraulic rotor drive on KUHN’s rakes is designed for very intensive use and makes the range even more versatile, reliable and low maintenance.




Technical specifications

Working width (m): 3.2 to 4.5
Average windrow width depending on crop density (m): Approx. 0.8 to 1.4
Attachment to the tractor:3- point linkage
Number of tangential tine arms: 9 to 13
Number of tines per arm: 3 or 4
Fully enclosed gearbox: standard for all models
Rotor diameter (m): 2.64 to 3.65
Transport width (m): 1.75 to 2.75
Minimum PTO power requirement (KW/HP): 15/21